Why is membership important?

Build A Legacy Beyond The Business

Imagine a room full of people who are committed to you and your business. Imagine building strong referral partners built on shared relationships and trust. Imagine people who become friends as well as colleagues.


These things can’t happen through random networking. This is the power of membership, where people have focused on purposefully building relationships so that referrals come naturally.

This is the Master Networks model.


Our Master Networks Oregon & Southwest Washington Region offers tremendous value to its members.  Being connected to Master Networks creates a safe space to meet with other like-minded business owners and leaders to develop new business opportunities. The referrals received from your fellow members will help your business grow and your return on investment as a member will be realized.

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Benefits of Master Networks

Relational Networking

One Hour Weekly Meetings

We have rotating agendas with variety and interaction built into each week. The agendas guide each chapter through an effective, results-oriented business meeting. Each member has the opportunity to educate other chapter members about their business and the types of referrals they need. 

Rotating Agendas

Tired of boring networking meetings? Our High-Energy, One-Hour weekly meeting is different from the week before with our unique rotating agenda schedule. 


Once a member has applied and been accepted into a Master Networks Chapter, no one else serving that specialty will be accepted. Vertical splits may occur. For example, banking could include a business banker, a personal banker, and a mortgage broker. 

Training and Development

All three of our meeting models include training and development. The Master Networks University, an exclusive member benefit, contains business training to help our members work ON their business and not just IN it. 

Membership Options

We have monthly memberships — no long-term contract required. Members can choose an annual membership and save $100. 

Affiliate Rewards

Any active member may sponsor another member into a Master Networks chapter anywhere in the world. In return, they will receive $10 a month as long as they both remain in good standing with Master Networks. There is no limit to the number of members someone can sponsor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time application fee of $200, then you can choose between a monthly plan of $49.95/mo or annual plan of $499.50/yr. 

What do I get when I join?

Our second favorite question! You’ll be able to participate fully in your chapter meetings, and have access to Master Networks University and all the training included there. 

How do I join a chapter?

Click on the Join Today button below! Just attend your first meeting and let the president know that you’d like to join Master Networks! Visitors are always welcome at chapter meetings.

What is the training we have in our chapter meetings?

Training is divided up between the weeks where the first week of the month is focused on bonding and networking. The second and fifth weeks are focused on learning practical ways to operate your business, and the third week is all about working on those leadership skills. The fourth week is all about personal development.  

What happens in the chapter meeting?

Chapter meetings are the heart and soul of Master Networks! In those meetings, we participate training, business showcases, and breakout sessions where members can talk to each other about the principles they’re learning. 

And as we work together in chapters, passing referrals to each other and scheduling face-to-face meetings, we network and build lasting relationships!

What are the Affiliate Rewards all about?

Master Networks Affiliate Rewards is the program that sets us apart from other networking groups. Any member can sponsor someone into Master Networks. When that new member signs up and submit your name, you become their sponsor!

As a sponsor, you’ll earn $10 every month. If you sponsor someone who decides to get an annual membership, you get $100 right then and there. 

Get in Touch

Want more information on being a guest at one of our chapter Master Networks meetings? Just reach out to us via email, phone, or via this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!